Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Suicide Stats !

This is not meant to be funny, but quite interesting -

did u know that more number of teenage girls attempt suicide than teenage boys?

did u also know that more number of teenage boys are successful at their attempt than teenage girls?

source? http://mywife.toldme.com

07/29/2007 0744
correction: its not just teenage stats, its applicable to the entire population of suiciders
07/29/2007 0756
(a suicider - "an urban word describing a suicide bomber" has been used a bit out of context here..)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Subconscious Catch

we all have heard abt how our subconscious works...or experienced it sometimes, when u wake up and are able to finish off that puzzle, or whatever it was that we were fighting over the previous night....well, i think i sort of caught the chap at work....

there was this big discussion at office abt how each project mgr(PM) handles the customer etc etc.

nothing important..normally in any such case, i end my day with total blur abt who did what etc., but things get clearer the next day, or after i finish the gym or do something else...anything but think abt customers and PMs :)

this time I was woken up early next morning by the phone, and had some clue abt what i was dreaming (usually, i wake up with no recollection of dreams). It was a laboratory setting, with lots of cubicles arranged, each with some unique problem, and each PM was being sent through the cubes...and we (the guys in lab coats) were observing and noting down how each PM reacted...

brilliant! i would say :)

(honestly, that does not sound like boasting to me..:P
more like commending somebody else!!)

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Scooby Dooby Doo

Never quite sat through the latest genre of animation - to me the old hand drawn tom and jerry or donald duck is a cartoon...not today's computer animated tom or jerry. So my cartoon themes have always been just a dog chasing a cat chasing a mouse or something similar.

Happened to watch a "current" episode and was quite surprised to find scooby doo searching a "wired" mansion (everything from the window shades to doors to refrigerator to the vacuum was connected and controlled by a central computer) for an evil computer virus, before it became more powerful and took control of the whole world.

yeah...cartoons have come a long way...so have the kids :)

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Chinese Buffet / Takeout

It is amazing how much of america is covered by chinese buffets...even in small towns with population figures proudly posted (with signs like You are entering XXX Population 600), you may not have a mcdonalds, but you will find a chinese buffet, with of course chinese speaking chinese people in it :) and the stories around them are endless

1. "copee tee meee?" goes the lady (coffee tea milk?)

2. "whajijuoja?" that was our deli owner in SFO asking "what did you order?". he will keep repeating it till you pay up...

3. me and wifey were sitting at one take out waiting for our order, and it was a lean time for them...the lady there teaching a new recruit some english....she did "good morning" to "good night"...then started on how to welcome somebody coming in for take out ... understood it in bits and pieces, but it was basically if someone comes in for take out, and his order is ready, go "hellooo mr. xxx, yoo are just in time...".....sure enuf, the recruit mugged it up and said it to the next chap who walked in....

4. Three big (by american stds) men went to an "all you can eat" chinese buffet...filled up their plates with crab legs and started on it....the crab legs had to be re-filled in the buffet spread...cycle repeats 3 times....and the owner starts shouting at them..."no more..no more....get out...no more...". Not much reaction from the guys, expect one chap moved his chair to sit right next to the buffet...

5. colleague receives a call on his mobile..."sir u odaa ready..."
colleague "i did not order anything"
take out "yes u did, come pick it up"
and phone slams down

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Men Talk Alike?!

As per new study results published today, men really do talk as much as women (http://www.usatoday.com/news/health/2007-07-05-women-men-talking_N.htm),

my only point here is on the sample group studied ... university students - well, what do you expect?!!

here is a real life example from a non-university (or post-university) student (called prowe?)

a typical day, the wife calls up around 3 ppl (family/close friends), and talks around an hour to each....and probably a half to 1.5 hour briefing to me (yeah..prowe!) on what they spoke...thats a straight 3.5 to 5 hour advantage she has over me ...