Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thank you Monkey !

My daughter started saying "thank you" a while back. In fact one of the first words she started speaking. You hand her something, and she says thank you - simple as that.

Then she started saying thank you, followed by the person's name. "Thank you amma" - even better !!

Last week, she suddenly switched over to saying thank you followed by the object she got. You give her a strawberry, she will say "thank you strawberry", or hand her the toy monkey, and of course, you get "thank you monkey!"

Don't tablet!

Recently a friend remarked "took my daughter to the doctor for a cold. He prescribed an inhaler spray! Looks like we have to find another doctor!"

Don't!. This and other new ways of drug delivery will get more common. The spray has 1/100th the dose of the same medicine as a tablet, and it reaches where it needs to (in this case, your lungs) directly.

Would you rather take a 100 times higher dose tablet, have that medicine run through your digestive system, bloodstream, liver, kidneys et all and finally give your lungs its recommended dose? We are just conditioned to be comfortable gulping tablets down.
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

"Mind" the Gap

You "Watch" the gap in the US, but "Mind" the gap in the UK :)

We were driving up to Birmingham (UK, not Alabama), the rental car place had run out of GPS units (Sat Nav Units if i got that right?), so had printed directions. One step said "Take the M5 to The Midlands". Not knowing what the Midlands were, we saw signs for M5, took that, and then the next sign said M5 and also very boldly proclaimed "The South and the South West". Of course we followed that and my American colleague remarked "wow, the locals around here must be real proud of this area to put up a sign like that".

The next step said drive 32 minutes and take M42 to Birmingham. We drove 32 minutes, drove 42 minutes, drove 50 minutes, still nothing. Pulled over at a service center and consulted our "smart" phone maps.
We had driven about 50 minutes in the opposite direction, when by now, we should have been in Birmingham.

Another lesson learnt! "The South and The South West" was THE Direction, or rather the southwest region and midlands region as I later 'googled' and found out  :) That is what getting used to going North/South/East or West on the interstates will do to you. If they had gone all the way and put up a sign "Gentlemen, You are now entering the M5 headed towards The Southwest Region of the Kingdom", it may have avoided this very minor confusion !.