Saturday, August 30, 2008

Paper or Plastic ?

From NY Times Circuits: David Pogue newsletter
The full paper-or-plastic discussion goes something like this:

"Why, paper, because it biodegrades."

"Yes, but we kill 14 million trees a year to make the paper. That's contributing to global warming."

"Yes, but the plastic bags consume 12 million barrels of oil and choke the oceans and sea life."

"Yes, but creating paper bags creates 70 percent more air pollution."

"Yeah, but plastic bags create four times the waste."

"Yes, but it takes seven times as many trucks to ship the same number of paper bags to the stores; they're much bulkier."

And so on. (The real answer to that question, of course, is "neither—bring your own reusable bags." But until U.S. stores start charging 15 cents per bag, as groceries in Europe do, Americans aren't likely to go to that trouble any time soon.)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Even India ?

A line from movie review of Bachna ae haseeno - got that right? note the locations !!

An amiable romantic comedy with fatal attractions to primary colors, glorious scenery (locations include Switzerland, Italy, Australia and even India) and 360-degree pans, “Bachna” starts too cute.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Raj Bhavsar

Got an answer to something that has bugged me for a long while - are Indian Americans (not American Indians) restricted to shine only in the math Olympiads and the spelling bees? will there be some stars ever in NHL - do we grow that big?, more importantly, do we make them that mean? :)

I somehow missed Raj Bhavsar - he barely missed selection for 2004, same here in 2008, but was called in last minute.
Pretty cool player..catch him fast before USA gets knocked out of the team events :)