Friday, March 23, 2012

Cooking Seafood!

After getting a pretty raw fish for lunch last time, I was more careful this time. Picked another one from the seafood section, but the menu did not say anything about what they do. It just lists "octopus in xyz sauce", or "salmon and vegetables". No indication of whether they grill it or cook it or boil it in any way. Just to be sure, asked the waiter "what do you do with the salmon"?

He said, "its salmon, with some vegetables".
Me "I can see that, but how do you cook it?"
He: "no cook, no cook"
Me: "then what do you do?"
Looks like his english was exhausted. Went and got someone else who proceeded to explain what they did to the poor salmon, which included details on how they marinated it etc etc, but nothing on how they cooked it.

Me:"so it is raw?"
New chap:"no, we grill!"
Me:"so it is cooked!"
New chap:"not cook, grill!"
Me:"got it, I'll have one of those!!"

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Broadcast your Bugs !!

A (software) company exhibiting at the tradeshow we were at recently had a banner with bullet points of all the "new exciting" features on offer in their latest software version. But they might as well have been shouting out all the bugs in their old release. The list read:
- Faster response times
- Easier User Interface and Navigation
- Improved search capabilities
etc. etc. It was about 10 bullets long, but each one was something they "fixed" in the latest and greatest release.
Not a word about what functionality is on offer !!!