Sunday, August 25, 2013

An Offer I Almost Could Not Refuse !

It's been around 3 years since I stopped watching any sort of 'live' tv. Live TV here is any program - not just 'breaking' news, but anything that comes streaming out of the idiot box over which you have no control including the advertisements. The rare exception is selected games, with dedicated time allocated to the same.

Of course I do watch a lot of 'TV', including streaming over Hulu, recorded programs, Netflix, DVDs, Watchespn etc., but all that one has absolute control over in terms of STOP and PAUSE to get back to the real world when required. I did try the DVR option from cable, but all those episodes piling up unwatched adds to your stress levels :)

A conscious decision taken a day when I realized there were 4 grown ups in the house including myself spending significant man-hours staring at the box when my daughter crawling around on all fours in the vicinity would have been a much better target for my time and attention for whatever little time I was home from travel..

So - still have the cable TV account, just to get real fast internet and over the past few years, the 'cable company' has called me with some amazing offers. But this latest one takes the cake.

"Mr. P, you have an internet account for 25 megs speed. For just 5 bucks more a month, we will give you 50 megs speed, full digital TV package plus HBO and Showtime !"

...and the sales guy paused to gauge my reaction...
...and I too paused just to take it all in...never heard all that for less than 40 bucks a month, offered at 5 bucks???!!!

Me: "Just give me a moment here..."
Sales: "Sure...Take your time.." (Definitely heard a "YES!" in his voice)

Was really good I asked him for that moment. Over years, having gotten used to the new scheme of things, you forget why you made the decision in the first place. It had nothing to do what the $$s on offer here. Just went back to that original moment, took a look at my family pic on the phone homescreen and went back on line

"That is really the most awesome offer you have ever given me, sorry I have to decline.."
"W H A T ??!!"
"Like I said, amazing offer, but I have been trying to stay away from TV altogether.."

And immediately "I understand sir, you have a great weekend" and hung up - nice chap!