Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Politics & Religion

1. Watching this amazing series on PBS - 'The Story of India'. There was a statement about how the king went to visit the Buddha and a generic comment 'in those times, the kings used to visit the religious leaders and not the other way is still followed, the politicians visit the religious leaders' !!

2. Completely unrelated. Was watching a recording of one of The Dalai Lama's speeches in New York. He was talking about politicians visiting him. 'In India, during election time, all the candidates come visit me. They run against each other, all come and ask me to pray for their victory. What can I do? Only one of them can win! Here in the USA, during last presidential election, Obama visited me, Hillary Clinton visited me, John McCain visited me, not one asked me to pray for their victory!!'

Saturday, August 11, 2012

The Medal Race

I remember a few Olympics back, when the 'Indian contingent' came back empty handed, there were suggestions on how to improve the situation. 'Like the Kenyans / Ethiopians, we will find out specific ethinc groups from the vast sub continent that can specialize in different events and train them' - said someone.

Many Olympics went by and looks like it is still each to his or her own. If you are good at something, and are lucky enough to get the money to get equipment / training, then 'all the best to you' and of course - if you get something - HEY we are all here to share your glory !!

There is one segment we are missing out on - and there is no 'investment' involved - the parents of students in US universities !! Why ??

Almost every US athlete comes from the university system (unless they come straight from high school and never got to the university). And I never knew this before - it is not just US athletes, a lot of top athletes from other countries are students training / competing at US universities.

So? - am not saying we should build a good inter-university system. There is already a huge representation of India in the US universities..and if the parents could also push the kids a little away from studies (a huge cultural shift nonetheless), we could get some top athletes trained (as I said at no additional investment)!