Saturday, January 26, 2008

Little Superstars



(and the best part is the wife got this from her lab colleagues, who had no idea who the big superstar in the video is)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Who Whistles ?

Lunchtime discussion on "parampara" and similar pre-mix gravies and a colleague mentioned this incident...

well, before that, let me explain how these mixes work....if you get a malabar chicken mix, the pouch will have everything you need for the gravy (includes oil, salt, EVERYTHING). You take chicken, add the mix, add water, pressure cook for a couple of whistles, and eat it....

back to story: a canadian friend went to the indian store with our colleague, found the concept interesting, took a pouch home....late evening our colleague gets a call...
"... it says wait for 2 whistles....who is supposed to whistle? the chicken? or should i go ahead?"

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Kachi Kaliyan & Subtitles

We watch a lot of Hindi and Malayalam DVDs with the English subtitles on. If the movie gets boring, there is a likelihood of finding something interesting in the subtitles at least.

In the old days, it was star movies with hindi subtitles, where "what the F**K happened here" on the audio became "he bhagwan, ye kya hua??" on the subtitles...

And occasionally you come across some amazing work of translation - the local dialects in OMKARA got translated beautifully to some english slang in the subtitles.

But this one takes the cake - translating a meaningless song without compromising its meaninglessness takes some knack...

(from the song kachi kaliyan na todo.... from laga chunari mein daag)

now, don't go plucking buds
or the gardener will kick your butts

ladies, we beg your pardon
we are here for the whole garden

gardener, your blossoms are too cool,
row after row like a flowery spool

we are hungry bees so lovesick
we'll gladly get our butts kick'd


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Web Activity

Saw a "Web History" link on i-google homepage - clicked on it, and i am not sure if i was amazed or scared by what i saw - every item i searched on google, google maps, orkut, or any other googly stuff....since early 2006, what i got as results, what did i click on, where did i go....trend charts on that...other stuff i "might" be interested in because of all these searches......what time of day did i search...which day of week did i search i said - i dont know if i have to be amazed or scared :)