Friday, March 14, 2008

Yen n Yang n Dollars n Francs

Talk about catch 22s.....I get less rupees for my dollar each going month....of course, the indian equities i buy with those rupees have not been doing any good either...and of course, i do not have enough dollars to invest in the US of A...

The Europeans are having a field day through NYC airports on any weekend and you see hordes of them going back with their weekend shopping - in New York is cheaper than shopping in UK or swiss, (flight and hotel charges included)....and NYC hotels now offer "shopping packages".

The other day, my colleague met a couple at an NY Outlet Mall. They were lost in their shopping and missed the last transport back to their hotel and were looking for a lift. So here are the numbers he got: they bought stuff for $3000, which would have cost them $8000 back in their place...flight and hotel is just a 1000 - they still save 4000 (or make more if they sell it back there?)

same goes for many south american countries - we were visiting an airline in brazil, and were asking some guys there whats a good place to go shop in the evening, and most of them said "New York" !!!

What about US shoppers in Europe? really at the wrong end of the stick :) found this the hard way last week, when some "constants" like a McD burger cost $10 and a bottle of water cost $8 (to a guy used to buying 12 bottles for $3)

like the wife says "paapi chellunnidam paathaalam" or "wherever the sinner goes, its always hell"