Sunday, August 22, 2010



onaashamsakal - onam wishes to one and all....

i don't remember wishing each other in the family back in the day, we just celebrated it...

and of course it was necessary to add "onamalle?" (isn't it onam) to all conversations...and onam could be the reason for anything...
like the husband who had a bit too much to drink "onamalle?"..or you bump into ur neighbor whom you haven't seen outside the house all year - "onamalle?"

the only thing my father used to tell me every onam - "drive carefully, you may not be drunk, but everyone on the street is.."

Friday, August 6, 2010

The American life - the flip side

That lady must be at least 90 years old, filling up gas in her old Buick..

Bent over, hardly able to lift the gas nozzle, she did that, and walked around and cleaned her windows..

You see this so many times every day..

Some days u think "wow, that's remarkable..", other times u feel it is so sad!

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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pandora Rocks....

pandora radio continues to amaze me: Started out ranking metallica and couple other heavy bands...and its been playing select songs from RHCP, nirvana, U2 etc...based on previous song rankings...and of course those were all songs i really like...

now that i've ranked those songs, today it played "three little birds" - bob marley

of course i love that song....but a software figuring out u like a bob marley song when u've only ranked rock ????

thats a WOW...

the music genome project rocks !!

and it followed marley with hells bells ACDC :))