Tuesday, May 11, 2010

LAX - the traffic within

There is a shuttle bus at LAX connecting Terminal 3 & 5 (Alaska airlines & Delta). For anyone missing an exciting auto ride in Chennai, this (shuttle ride) sure is worth a try.

It is just chaos, except for the main roads parallel to the runway there are no lane markings, folks drive everywhere, every other intersection is an Aircraft crossing, there are actually cop cars patrolling the roads, and i've seen them pull over a vehicle on one trip, lot of honking going on, there were couple occasions on my 5 trips where the shuttle driver had to step on the brakes to avoid hitting some luggage cart jumping a stop sign, and once we had a guy overtake us right under the wing of a 747 !!

That is the main "road" above - only place with lanes, but aircraft cross almost every 100 meters....

Waiting for a 747, got a couple honks from the right lane traffic, someone jumped the stop sign, and overtook

Friday, May 7, 2010

Selling the scan

Here is a very nice way to sell the infamous full body scan in place @ the vancouver airport security.

Once you put the bags on x-ray, and walk through the metal detectors, you are greeted by a nice punjabi lady "sir, do you want to get patted down by HIM" - and points to a HUGE nasty looking guy "OR take our whole body scan ?"...

One look at the guy and I understood why all the passengers before me went to the scanner...

And I replied "scan" and all of them smiled...even that nasty lookin guy :)

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