Saturday, September 25, 2010

Password delivered wirelessly !!

This was a technological advance I was not prepared for!!

Logged in to the hotel wi fi, it asked for a username and password to connect to internet and also mentioned "for your username and password, call front desk".

Called, and reception guy "2 hours 10 bucks, 24 hours, 25 bucks".

I said "ok, give me 24 hours"

He said "ok sir, 24 hours" and hung up.


I waited a couple minutes and called back "I think the line dropped, can you give me my username and password please?"

Reception guy "it is on the way sir, the bell boy is bringing it !!"

Now guess where this happened :)

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sleepless Days !!

Working the night shift this week...and am having some sleepless days as a result !!

This is wasn't this hard the last time I tried this back in B start your day (or night) with evening coffee and snaks, head over to the comp lab, check mails, chat on yahoo, play some quake, listen to the folks fighting over "age of empire", and probably gurpi sitting there crying "yaar, band karo yaar, bhookh lagi hain.... already missed lunch...dont want to miss dinner...", grab dinner, and get back to the lab...continue "working" till 1 am...then run over to thapas for maggi / anda burji before they close...(gurpi still going "yaar...pause karo yaar....thapas will close....haven't had lunch today...)....get back to lab....and finish off the night with some more quake and work and then breakfast...peaceful slumber through the day...wake up for coffee and snaks....and repeat....

So, back to the topic...
What to do with your meals? Do you still eat them during the day and go hungry during the night or devise a dinner - midnight snak- breakfast plan? Or do I just eat breakfast-lunch-dinner in that order, but in the night?
I currently am not skipping breakfast lunch or dinner either during the day or night !!! That should be too much food going in right there...need to "weight in" again at end of week.....

What do you do with your beer? You cannot drink it in the evening coz you are heading to work, but you cannot drink it in the morning either, coz it's just morning ??

When do you sleep? Get back in the morning and sleep till afternoon? Or wait till afternoon and sleep till evening?

The shopfloor guys have been really helpful by giving me some ground rules...
1. the 2 am break is lunch break and what you eat is lunch...
2. avoid the sun on your way home....
3. get home, finish your beer..and sleep off....
4. and of course...the day before your off day is called friday no matter what day of the week it is

Sounds like once you have these priorities set, the rest of the stuff should fall in place automatically...dont know yet...just my first day with rules !!!