Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Growing Head !

Was reading the barry bonds steroids trials, and one fact that keeps coming up (besides his increased muscle mass) is how much his head has grown, allegedly due to steroids.

This got me thinking about how much some of our Malayalam movie stars' heads have grown over time (with absolutely no gain in muscle mass - must be special steroids!!). They all start out pretty normal, and one or two big hits (movie hits, not injections) later, the head starts to grow. The eyes, nose and mouth stay exactly where they originally were, and the face puffs up around them. Here is a small illustration of this phenom using my vast and extensive powerpoint skills (which happen to be the basis of my livelihood too!!).

It has been quite difficult to find some young pictures of some of the actors I had in mind. Here is my small study:

I could not find an old image of lalu alex, but the picture below is the perfect example of the expansion phenomenon :)