Thursday, May 7, 2009

Saving Electricity !

There is a nice campaign running on mayalayam chanels where movie stars urge folks not to use high consumption items like iron during peak hours (evening 6-9). Also to turn off the refrigerator during the same time "dont worry, your food will remain fresh". 

It is also timed very well. So usually around 6 pm, when you turn on the tv, you will find mohanlal or suresh gopi on screen asking you to switch off the refrigerator. 

(they definitely would not dare ask you to switch off the tv !! )

An interesting fallout of this is whats been happening at my home in trivandrum - and am guessing at many other homes. At 6 pm, my dad - on que from Mohanlal - jumps up and switches off the refrigerator. But then, at 9 pm, there are no faces popping up on the tv to remind him to turn it back on!!!