Sunday, July 27, 2008

Indian Fusion Hour

On my way to get a hair cut, tuned to the local Atlanta "desi" channel on radio. It was "west Indian fusion" hour, and some "chutney soca" music was playing. After the song, the RJ came on line "you are listenin to the west Indian fusion hour, and I am your host joel ghanshyam".

Ghanshyam? why was the name so familiar? the name kept ringing some bell somewhere...figured it out during the hair cut - ghanshyam - the on-campus "hairdresser" at Lucknow...the small mirror, the sharp sound of the scissors, the water with a peculiar smell, all were slowly coming back...

"WOULD YOU LIKE A SHAMPOO SIR?" – almost instinctively, I said "nahin", quickly corrected it to a "no". The cut was over...that was the time ghanshyam would have asked "maalish karoon saab?"

(there was always a rumor floating around that ghanshyam was not exactly "straight" - so nobody in their "straight" mind went for a "maalish")

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