Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mexican Masala

There is this small South Indian food stall at the Global Mall in Atlanta. From afar, looks as though you transplanted the take out counter of "vasantha bhavan" straight from Chennai, including the "uncle" sitting there, complete with a small bindi on the forehead.

I ordered two Mysore masala's "to go", and the order got shouted out to the "pack man" standing outside the kitchen - "Dos (spanish, i realized later) Mysore Masala". He shouted the same at his wife (just my wild guess from the way they were shouting at each other) inside the kitchen. Thats when i noticed, other than the counter, the whole crew was mexican, and were busy preparing uthappams and mysore masalas and vada and what nots!!

Got my order, went home, and washed down my perfect mexican mysore masala with some Sam Adams - i swear i would have tried it with dos equis if i had it in stock :)

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